Secret Wine Cellar

A long hallway tiled with Zellige mosaic leads you to one of the enchanting hidden corners of the restaurant. Imagine an old wooden door supported by a carved arch. Walk down 12 wooden steps to a heavy iron door and you suddenly find yourself standing before the opening of a wine cellar of such charm seen only in fairy tales. Inside are shelves laden with the finest boutique wines from the best kosher wineries in Israel. Near the exit to the cellar is a wine-tasting room, a magical arched hall inviting you to relax and enjoy the house dishes with a glass of Israel’s finest wine.

In Darna’s cool wine cellar are stored more than 5000 bottles of Israel’s finest wines, each carefully selected introduce Daran’s connoisseur guests to the variety of superb kosher wines of Israel. Darna’s wine list comes from the numerous vintners, such as Barkan, Carmel Mizrahi, Goshen, Dalton, and Yarden, Among our Merlots one may find the Barkan 1997 Merlot Reserve. The Merlot Private Collection 1997, the Yarden Merlot, 2001 and others.
Among Israel’s fine Sauvignon one may choose from our 800 bottles of Barkan Sauvignon Superieur 1995 – of the 8,000 ever bottled. One may select the Yarden’s Katzrin Cabernet Sauvignon 2000-2003, along with many other fine vintages. The sibony selection Petit syrah is our “vin maison” because it invokes